I’ve been a dreamer my whole life.

I’ve always dreamed about the future, what my career would be an what life would be like, and their core the dreams have always been about making art and being creative. Sometimes the dreams revolved around making music, and sometimes around filmmaking. But always creative, and always collaborative. Additionally, there’s always been a level of freedom and security in my dreams that go beyond a regular 9 to 5 job.

But dreams don’t become reality without work. To build the career and life that I’ve been dreaming of since childhood, it’s time to move from dreaming to building.

Have you ever started strong on a goal or project or dream, only to fizzle out over time? That’s been my history. A huge amount of enthusiasm, commitment, and discipline at the beginning, fading into a resounding meh over time.

Not this time. This time I’m breaking that cycle. I want to help you break your own cycle too.

This blog is going to be about my journey of self-improvement and the road to self-employment. In sharing what I learn along the way, I hope I can inspire you to take your own journey. I hope I can give you practical information that can help you avoid all the mistakes mistakes I’m sure to make along the way.

I’ll be writing about motivation & discipline. It’s really, really easy for me to get lazy. And laziness has a cascade effect in my life. If I slack off in any aspect of my life, everything suffers. That’s what happened to me over the last 6-9 months. I originally started writing this blog post on October 1, 2014. I’m finishing it and finally publishing it in late March 2015, with about 6 months of mostly-wasted time in between.

I’ll be writing about getting myself (back) into shape. Sometimes I’m a very avid fitness & health enthusiast. I’ve definitely let myself go since last summer, though. I gained back all the weight I lost a couple of years ago, and lost all the strength & endurance I built up.

I’ll be writing about what I learn as I research how to market myself, how to find clients, and how to build a production company from scratch. I’ve never really had to market myself, and I’ve never had to seek out clients. 

In writing this blog, I hope I can inspire you to take action and move towards building your dream, whatever that looks like in your life.

So today I’m drawing a line in the sand, publicly. It’s pretty easy to set goals and let them languish when you don’t tell anybody, so today I’m telling everybody. It’s time for me to stop going with the flow and letting life happen to me; it’s time to start building, and not just dreaming.

Please feel free to hit me up on my twitter and instagram accounts (both @jimcshields) and ask me about my progress. Feel free to keep me accountable and give me crap if I’m slacking!

Thanks, y’all.